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Al & Jas / Aladdin / Love 8D
Today was supposed to be a super productive day... but alas 8D; I bummed around and wasted most it.

I decided to stop by the Meadows Mall. It's a bit farther than the other ones I usually go to, but aside from the outdoor outlet, it's the only one with a DISNEY STORE, so of course I suck it up and make the trip.

Anyway, there were these new 17" inch singing princess dolls. Of course, every one was in reach EXCEPT for Jasmine, so I tiptoe and reach above my head for her... And she proceeds to fall and hit face and my glasses hit my left eye ._____. BUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. it still hurts a little too >___>;

The real reason for stopping by the mall though was to pick up my copy of Toy Story 3 that I had pre-ordered. Of course temptation (in the form of a $20 off coupon among other sales 8D) got the best of me and I ended up buying 2 Toy Story shirts (one for me & one for Devin)and a Hamm Piggybank from the Disney Store. A pair of DKNY pants, an American Rag dress and a black denim blazer for Devin from Macy's. AND! I will admit, I have officially been corrupted by this series...

FWEE! Mockingjay pin, yay :D ♥

Which if you happen to be unaware, it's from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It'd been a long time since I've read a series that fast, it's just easy to gobble up. If you happen to have a bit of time, it really is worth the read :] And though I'd normally be butthurt paying about $17 for a pin... for some reason you can't find them online, and the cheapest one on Ebay is a $36 BIN.

So yeah.

I'm just, EXCITED FOR LIFE! Starting the 18th, everything is gonna be awesomely amazing :3 I can't wait ~ HPatDH part 1 premiere, Devin, Friend Thanksgiving, A Perfect Circle concert, Disneyland, ACTUAL Thanksgiving, Tangled, 4 year Anniversary time ♥, Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ *le~sigh*
  • I miss the Disney Store soooo much. None of my local malls have it any more. ;__;

    And The Hunger Games were great! That series had one of the most satisfying endings that I've read in a long time.
    • There used to be a GIANT one in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, but man, it must be at LEAST 10 years since it has closed now. It makes me super sad that so many have disappeared over the years. You would've thought business was good :P

      I need to re-read the series to fully judge it. I was satisfied with the ending, but the last book just left me feeling uneasy XD; I won't say anything though because I know some of my friends are reading it right now 8D

    *couldn't resist with my name in caps like that*
    • I want a Mockingjay pin so bad but they are so expensive >_<

      Those books are some of the most amazing things I have ever read. Have you read the Maze Runner by James Dashner? If you haven't, definitely check it out because it is in the same vein as the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • I need to visit the Disney store soon and see what they've got lately, I love me some Stitch merchandise. <3
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