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Pongo & Perdita / 101 Dalmatians / Love
Do you think it'd be lame, uncreative and boring if I'd end up getting Devin's dad New Orleans Saints merch for Christmas?

They're from Louisiana, so I know I wouldn't be getting him stuff for the wrong team, I just kind of feel like Sports team stuff is the back-up man gift. Kind of how Bath & Body Works stuff or just lotion/pretty smelling things are for women. I feel like I'm being lazy XD;

Aside from my Mother, who is probably one of the pickiest women gracing this planet, he's the only person I'm stumped on gift wise. And actually I'm not even really stumped on what to get my Mom, it's whether or not I'll be able to afford it :P HIIIIIIIIIGH MAINTENANCE! lol.

So yeah, I need to get a sort of move on on my Christmas shopping. I might end up taking it easy on getting the Louisiana gifts in time because I'm considering going out there in January and if I would, I'll just save myself the cost of shipping :P

I fucking love this time of the year ♥ X3

SPEAKING OF THE HOLIDAYS ~ Anyone up for a card from me this year? :] I'll send even internationally~ ♥ :3

I'm usually pretty bad with getting them out, but I'm making it a personal goal to stop doing that with Christmas cards. It's how I keep ending up with boxes and boxes of them each year >____>; So yeah, let me know here if you'd like one and then PM me your address
  • I think sports gifts are fine. Besides, some men really like sports. We always buy my dad sports gifts because he doesn't want anything else.
  • I can't wait to start my own Christmas shopping... .__.; Come on payday, omg.
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