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Pokemon Sales

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Pokemon Sales

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Trainer Emi & Espeon :3

sales post granted by denkimouse spring 2010
last updated: december 18, 2010

~ i ship from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA USA
~ i live in non-smoking, but pet-friendly house; items will be cleaned before shipping
~ feedback post is here

~ currency is in $$USD$$
~ accepted payments: PAYPAL preferred, ask about money orders
~ ask for QUOTES before committing to a sale
~ i will hold items for 7 DAYS; i will hold longer if you commit to buying the item.
~ haggling is ok, but i have the right to refuse
~ (partial)trades: i'm currently interested in espeon, munna/musharna & drowzee/hypno items. no wishlist yet, but show me what you got :]
~ no retracting offers/bids! this is a community rule & will result in negative feedback. like i said, ask for quotes before committing.

::shipping & fees::
~ buyer pays for handling, materials & shipping
~ i will ship domestically & internationally
~ i default ship USPS First Class (delivery confirmation added to orders $15+)
~ i am not responsible for items after they ship. if you require insurance i don't mind adding it at an extra cost.
~ remember to put your USERNAME in your note when using Paypal.



Pokemon Center 2009 Eevee Promotion 1/1 Scale Plush

- tag is detached, but will be included with the plush
- in otherwise mint condition
- shipping for this will be insured
- feel free to ask questions

- bids will start at $100 + shipping costs
- BIN is $250 shipped ANYWHERE
- auction will end Friday DECEMBER 17, 2010 - 11:59PM PST (GMT -8)
- no sniping. the 5 minute community rule will apply here.
- item will be shipped when payment is received. the sooner you pay, the sooner i'll ship.
- i will accept a payment plan; terms will be discussed.

current high bid: $150 __sasami__

JAKKS Pacific Pokemon Battle Frontier Series 2 Deluxe Electronic: Mewtwo Action Figure

- NIB, though the box has slight wear
- the figure however has a mark on its head from the "Try Me" hole :P
- sounds still work though!

For a video of him making the sounds click HERE

- offers will start at $10 + shipping
- i will take offers until Thursday December 16, 2010 - 11:59pm PST (GMT-8)

current offer: $10 hicke_chan

HASBRO Poochyena and Absol Mini Figures

- about 2" each
- very slight mark on Poochyena

- offers for each start at $2
- if the offers reach $4+, shipping will be FREE (for that item, I will discount a larger order if you add items)
- i will take offers until Thursday December 16, 2010 - 11:59pm PST

Poochyena current offer: $4 echizenakira
Absol current offer: $2 hicke_chan



Jakks Soft Pokeballs - Johto Edition: $5 each or all 7 for $32

PLUSH - $1 , either loved or no hang tag
SOLD: East Shellos, Zubat

PLUSH - $2 NWT East Shellos SOLD!

PLUSH - $3 Sneasel (NWT)

KIDS & FIGURES - ALL $1 EACH, ask about condition
SOLD: Articuno, Gabite, Both Pikachu w/Lil Pikas, Zapdos, Kricketune, Snover, Larvitar, Garchomp, Aggron, Swalot, Charmeleon, Raichu, Silcoon, Weedle, Graveler, Prinplup

JAKKS figures - $4 Regirock, Regice $6 Glaceon

TATTOOS - $1 each

NIP Zukan - $7 Bastiodon line, $8 Aerodactyl & Togepi line (no Togekiss)

OPEN Zukan - $6 Kangaskhan (baby in pouch) $4 Togepi line (no Togekiss)

ASSORTED TOMYS/FIGURES/STUFF - ALL $0.50 Each, 3 for $1, or 1 FREE with every order of at least $3, ask about condition (note: most are loved & have the previous owner's initials)
SOLD: Aerodactyl, Weedle, Cubone, Magby, Ekans, Kangaskhan, Doduo, Dodrio, Charmander, Charmeleon, Farfetch'd, Caterpie, (bottom) Togepi
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