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this semester was AWFUL

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this semester was AWFUL

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but there's nothing i can do about it now. *sigh* i wish that work didn't distract me so much from school. i'll admit i tried to to tackle too much this semester. i should've known better. for me, even though it sucks, i'm far more successful if i just go slow and steady.

better to slowly move forward than just waste money. ugh.

but in good/amusing news, i did my 8 week online Medical Terminology course in 4 1/2 hours and pulled a 98%! lol. and for those of you who think i didn't learn anything, i actually did, i just can't tell you what exactly right now. it did help that i'm a CNA and half of the stuff i already knew... but that doesn't matter ;P

ok well i learned Aphakia! which is the absence of the lens in the eye 8D wheeeee~

i also realize that much much MUCH more prefer short term classes. like one month, one subject sort of deals. i learn SO much more because i can focus.

anyway, on to spring semester >____>; i just need to get that last $10 paid off so that financial hold on my account gets taken off XD; i don't know how i forgot about it, but it's stopping me from registering ;____;
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