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[ no, it won't all go the way, it should ]

.. but i know the heart of life is good ..

~ emi ~

201Özil <3 :D

: 20 : lover : fighter: college student : otaku : in love♥ : barista : cute camwhore : slasher : ninja : shopaholic : optimist

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October 27th, 2027

Pokemon Sales

Trainer Emi & Espeon :3

sales post granted by denkimouse spring 2010
last updated: december 18, 2010

~ i ship from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA USA
~ i live in non-smoking, but pet-friendly house; items will be cleaned before shipping
~ feedback post is here

~ currency is in $$USD$$
~ accepted payments: PAYPAL preferred, ask about money orders
~ ask for QUOTES before committing to a sale
~ i will hold items for 7 DAYS; i will hold longer if you commit to buying the item.
~ haggling is ok, but i have the right to refuse
~ (partial)trades: i'm currently interested in espeon, munna/musharna & drowzee/hypno items. no wishlist yet, but show me what you got :]
~ no retracting offers/bids! this is a community rule & will result in negative feedback. like i said, ask for quotes before committing.

::shipping & fees::
~ buyer pays for handling, materials & shipping
~ i will ship domestically & internationally
~ i default ship USPS First Class (delivery confirmation added to orders $15+)
~ i am not responsible for items after they ship. if you require insurance i don't mind adding it at an extra cost.
~ remember to put your USERNAME in your note when using Paypal.

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December 17th, 2010

this semester was AWFUL

Benders United / Avatar: TLA
but there's nothing i can do about it now. *sigh* i wish that work didn't distract me so much from school. i'll admit i tried to to tackle too much this semester. i should've known better. for me, even though it sucks, i'm far more successful if i just go slow and steady.

better to slowly move forward than just waste money. ugh.

but in good/amusing news, i did my 8 week online Medical Terminology course in 4 1/2 hours and pulled a 98%! lol. and for those of you who think i didn't learn anything, i actually did, i just can't tell you what exactly right now. it did help that i'm a CNA and half of the stuff i already knew... but that doesn't matter ;P

ok well i learned Aphakia! which is the absence of the lens in the eye 8D wheeeee~

i also realize that much much MUCH more prefer short term classes. like one month, one subject sort of deals. i learn SO much more because i can focus.

anyway, on to spring semester >____>; i just need to get that last $10 paid off so that financial hold on my account gets taken off XD; i don't know how i forgot about it, but it's stopping me from registering ;____;

December 3rd, 2010


emi <3 devin / disneyland 1.3.2009
I just happened to notice the time :3 So I might as well do this before I go to bed.


These types of kisses are more like *facesmooshes* X3

Devin, I think this past year was definitely our hardest. We actually fought for once, attempted to take a break, stupid things happened in our (local) personal lives, tears were shed and things were said (oh-ho I rhymed 8D), but I know we've both learned a lot from all of it... And it was worth it. We're definitely both more mature about us, and it makes me so happy to see how much we've grown since 2006.

I never fell out, but with everything that has happened this year I feel like I've fallen in love all over again. Our relationship right now is AMAZING and I hope things never ever change. I love you so so so so SO much, darling ♥

I know that year 5 will be even better, and I can't wait ~


Pongo & Perdita / 101 Dalmatians / Love
Do you think it'd be lame, uncreative and boring if I'd end up getting Devin's dad New Orleans Saints merch for Christmas?

They're from Louisiana, so I know I wouldn't be getting him stuff for the wrong team, I just kind of feel like Sports team stuff is the back-up man gift. Kind of how Bath & Body Works stuff or just lotion/pretty smelling things are for women. I feel like I'm being lazy XD;

Aside from my Mother, who is probably one of the pickiest women gracing this planet, he's the only person I'm stumped on gift wise. And actually I'm not even really stumped on what to get my Mom, it's whether or not I'll be able to afford it :P HIIIIIIIIIGH MAINTENANCE! lol.

So yeah, I need to get a sort of move on on my Christmas shopping. I might end up taking it easy on getting the Louisiana gifts in time because I'm considering going out there in January and if I would, I'll just save myself the cost of shipping :P

I fucking love this time of the year ♥ X3

SPEAKING OF THE HOLIDAYS ~ Anyone up for a card from me this year? :] I'll send even internationally~ ♥ :3

I'm usually pretty bad with getting them out, but I'm making it a personal goal to stop doing that with Christmas cards. It's how I keep ending up with boxes and boxes of them each year >____>; So yeah, let me know here if you'd like one and then PM me your address

November 30th, 2010

my burps taste like soap

Nurse Joy & Chansey / Pokemon
i will take the time to make a real post tomorrow.

in the mean time all i will say is



yeah, i'm just gonna go die now T____T;

November 14th, 2010

tumblr time 8D

Interstella 5555
I ended up making a tumblr :P

I'm planning to use that for my, i guess you could say, little things i decide to blog about, while I keep LJ for actual entries and more amusing things i decide to share with friends.

Eventually I might switch exclusively to it for blogging, though I would never leave LJ because of my communities :3

So if you have one or have suggestions on ones to follow, LEMME KNOW! I'm still new to it so I'd like something to motivate to go on there ~


November 12th, 2010


Al & Jas / Aladdin / Love 8D
I was at Target today, and I completely lost my shit over this toy.

This is something I totally imagine koyaaniisqatsi would get for her hypothetical children.


November 9th, 2010

The End ... ~

SlytherClaw / HP / Stupid Questions

When this is done, I'm not gonna know what my Holiday/Summer Movie season tradition is going to be. It's really going to be the end of an era. Something that was a HUGE part of my childhood/young adult life, and really, it's like, letting go of a dear family member.

When the books were finished I was already distraught. I can't believe there's only 10 days left until part 1.

I'm seriously depressed guys. :[ I'm excited for the movies, but what are we gonna do once this saga is done?


i guess i need to cross my fingers for hunger games

let sleeping dogs lie ~

Pongo & Perdita / 101 Dalmatians / Love
I couldn't help sneaking these shots :3 They were all in my room passed out and were just so stinkin' cute X3


i have such bum animals XD;

November 7th, 2010

Today was supposed to be a super productive day... but alas 8D; I bummed around and wasted most it.

I decided to stop by the Meadows Mall. It's a bit farther than the other ones I usually go to, but aside from the outdoor outlet, it's the only one with a DISNEY STORE, so of course I suck it up and make the trip.

Anyway, there were these new 17" inch singing princess dolls. Of course, every one was in reach EXCEPT for Jasmine, so I tiptoe and reach above my head for her... And she proceeds to fall and hit face and my glasses hit my left eye ._____. BUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. it still hurts a little too >___>;

The real reason for stopping by the mall though was to pick up my copy of Toy Story 3 that I had pre-ordered. Of course temptation (in the form of a $20 off coupon among other sales 8D) got the best of me and I ended up buying 2 Toy Story shirts (one for me & one for Devin)and a Hamm Piggybank from the Disney Store. A pair of DKNY pants, an American Rag dress and a black denim blazer for Devin from Macy's. AND! I will admit, I have officially been corrupted by this series...

FWEE! Mockingjay pin, yay :D ♥

Which if you happen to be unaware, it's from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It'd been a long time since I've read a series that fast, it's just easy to gobble up. If you happen to have a bit of time, it really is worth the read :] And though I'd normally be butthurt paying about $17 for a pin... for some reason you can't find them online, and the cheapest one on Ebay is a $36 BIN.

So yeah.

I'm just, EXCITED FOR LIFE! Starting the 18th, everything is gonna be awesomely amazing :3 I can't wait ~ HPatDH part 1 premiere, Devin, Friend Thanksgiving, A Perfect Circle concert, Disneyland, ACTUAL Thanksgiving, Tangled, 4 year Anniversary time ♥, Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ *le~sigh*
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