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[ no, it won't all go the way, it should ]

The End ... ~

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The End ... ~

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SlytherClaw / HP / Stupid Questions

When this is done, I'm not gonna know what my Holiday/Summer Movie season tradition is going to be. It's really going to be the end of an era. Something that was a HUGE part of my childhood/young adult life, and really, it's like, letting go of a dear family member.

When the books were finished I was already distraught. I can't believe there's only 10 days left until part 1.

I'm seriously depressed guys. :[ I'm excited for the movies, but what are we gonna do once this saga is done?


i guess i need to cross my fingers for hunger games
  • Dang, it seems only yesterday that they were all cute n' baby-faced in the first movie.
    • I know right? It's freaking nuts. Not only that, but I was a baby too when I started on the series. Gonna be so weird to not have something new from the franchise to look forward to :(
  • you watch club games.

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