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[ no, it won't all go the way, it should ]

tumblr time 8D

~ emi ~

201Özil <3 :D

: 20 : lover : fighter: college student : otaku : in love♥ : barista : cute camwhore : slasher : ninja : shopaholic : optimist

thanks to vickym530 for the banner

tumblr time 8D

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Interstella 5555
I ended up making a tumblr :P

I'm planning to use that for my, i guess you could say, little things i decide to blog about, while I keep LJ for actual entries and more amusing things i decide to share with friends.

Eventually I might switch exclusively to it for blogging, though I would never leave LJ because of my communities :3

So if you have one or have suggestions on ones to follow, LEMME KNOW! I'm still new to it so I'd like something to motivate to go on there ~

  • Digimon tumblr

    Tumblr of awesome Digimon arts that make you feel good about the series all over again. :3 I'm pretty sure there's other stuff but I know we both like Digimon. I mostly reblog Umineko stuff so I'll spare you a follow. XD;
  • I'm so addicted to Tumblr. I feel guilty for almost forgetting to check up on LJ friends. >:
  • get reasonably nexium without prescrition Syracuse

    Thank you, I come back
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