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[ no, it won't all go the way, it should ]

.. but i know the heart of life is good ..

~ emi ~

201Özil <3 :D

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Skipped Back 10

November 4th, 2010

time spent ~

Pongo & Perdita / 101 Dalmatians / Love
so it seems that I spend more time on facebook than here. a lot of the world is like that now :P I'm not like, CRAZY active there or anything, I just happen to leave the tab for it open and yeah 8D

so anyway. my 23rd birthday was a week ago. it was... fine. nothing fantastic, but i think i'm starting to get to the age where birthdays aren't as big of a deal anymore :P i think things would've worked out better if my birthday weren't on a fricking WEDNESDAY! D:< certain things made me obviously irate that night, but what can i do?

Halloween wasn't so bad either. being Maleficent was fun 8D but I will say that certain people in my "younger" group of friends are a bunch of drama llamas. things usually sort themselves out in the end, but it's just ridiculous.

my mom, jj, lydia and I went to see The Lion King live though. I'm completely late in seeing it amongst my friends, but omg. It was just amazing, beautiful, gorgeous; I can't come up with enough words to describe how much I loved it. ♥ and being the little disney nerds that we are, lydia and I totally cried through the opening of the show with "Circle of Life". which if you have never seen it, here's a vid.

seriously, shit makes me tear up. i love that fucking song, and the presentation, in person is just... i can't put it into words.

AND SO, with october now passed i'm focusing on THANKSGIVING! 8D devin is coming out so i'm planning to cook the whole meal and i'm actually really excited :3 so if anyone has any special traditions or recipe recommendations please share! his dad is an amazing cook, so i'm hoping i can at least compare to him this holiday ~

October 5th, 2010

:D <3 i touched him ~

Al &amp; Jas / Aladdin / Love 8D
so my night was this. just replace Los Angeles with Las Vegas and Avalon Hollywood with the Hard Rock Cafe and we're set 8D, lol

so tired now. now if only L'Arc would get back together, come to the U.S., and play in a tiny venue *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*



October 3rd, 2010


201Özil &lt;3 :D
i think it's been... 6 1/2 months since i last made a public post 8D;

i can't even tell you how many posts i have made talking about how i never update and how i plan to start again XD; so... just scratch that idea. though, i am digging potentially doing the writer's block questions because a lot of them intrigue me :]

so for now, we'll just bullet-point some main things that has happened since good ol' february :P

- my dad turned 83!
- i graduated from my Nursing Assistant course. i've just been procrastinating on getting licensed. :P
- my Nutrition Services Aide position got its hours SEVERELY cut.
- Because of the lack of hours, the World Cup became my life for a month 8D GO GERMANY!
- Devin and I went through probably the roughest point in our relationship, but now we're fantastic! it's almost like we just started dating again. i love it ♥ :3
- i took a couple of courses over the summer :D
- i started looking for a new job. eventually got offered TWO! took one that was part-time with no benefits, and after some "lucky for me" happenings, i got offered a full-time with benefits position!
- took a break from Pokemon collecting, but now i'm comfortable delving back into that hobby.
- now i'm back in school, ready to seize the world 8D

soooo yeah. we'll start this shit tomorrow.

ja ~

February 26th, 2010


Taichi / Digimon Adventure / Keep On end
so i realized that i never kept you guys updated on my car situation... which honestly, was a giant clusterfuck for awhile. and mixed in with clinicals, lectures, labs, exams, work, etc. etc... it was really just a OMGPLZCANTHISALLBEOVERNAO time in my life.

the highway patrol ended up finding my car abandoned on the 7th, literally less than a mile from the hospital where i work... which is where they stole it from. now it really could've been in worse condition than it was, but if you know me, you know that i absolutely fucking, despise, loathe, abhor, flat out HATE smoking. so of course, that's what they did in it.

when we went to see the car to recover any personal belongings, it was covered in cigarettes and smelled like a casino. they threw about 1/2 of my things in the trunk, so that was good at least, but they decided to be fucking retarded and throw out ONE of each shoe from the 2 pairs i left in the car. which were my Ed Hardy sneakers and Nike running shoes :[ byebye $200. of course things like my ipod were gone, but i have to remind myself that these are all just material things, and life moves on...

and so now i welcome this beauty into my life ♥

:3 my new 2010 Nissan Sentra SL ~ who i'm playing around with the name Vincent (since i bought him the day before Valentine's Day ;D FFVII, YAY!) aside from not being bigger than Sasuke, he's everything i want in a car... that i can afford, lol.

things worked out in the end :] so i'm happy ~ and thank you guys. my life is finally calming back down ♥ and just 2 more weeks until i'm back in lousiana :D

January 24th, 2010

yeah... ~

Interstella 5555
so my car got stolen today.

kind of don't know what to say or feel.

just hoping i get it back :[


December 3rd, 2009

3 years ♥ :3 ~

emi &lt;3 devin / disneyland 1.3.2009
~happy 3 years, honey bear~

i hope i never have to stop making this entry every year :3

i love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much ~ ♥

i only wish that i could've stayed at least one more day so that we finally would've had our anniversary together, but alas...

at least we were close this time! lol.


November 22nd, 2009

learning ~

emi &lt;3 devin / disneyland 1.3.2009
the past few days have been a real learning experience in my life, especially on the relationship front.

i'm about to shower since i have work... but tonight if i'm feeling it, i'm probably gonna talk about it for a bit in here.

it's just, something i really want to remember :]

and though my feelings are a little weird at the moment, devin and i are better than ever. i think we're just a tad more grown up, it's good.


November 17th, 2009

get the hang of it ~

Taichi / Digimon Adventure / Keep On end
so tonight i went to Pat's to learn how to play Magic with Chris.

when i get the hang of it i might really like it 8D

add another thing to the list of interests that make me a total nerd ;D lol

anyway, bed time! it's cold (it got cold soooo fast T__T) & my bed is calling me.


November 16th, 2009

<3 thanksgiving ~

emi &lt;3 devin / disneyland 1.3.2009
10 more days 'til i'm back in my bb's arms.♥

i know, so SUPAH! cheesy, but i can't help it. i'm so excited :3

our first one together~ you would've thought that this would've happened sooner. i love family oriented holidays ♥

anyway quick life update:
- went to Disneyland on tuesday with ottershark. we met up with jojo and had a grand ol' time at california adventure ♥ forgot how much i love the rides there. TOWER OF TERROR! * 3 *

- work... workworkwork. :P had to play the pity card to get time off for louisiana. which is fine, though i wish i would get to be there 'til the 5th like i had originally planned. learned my lesson though, i'm gonna request time off even if i'm not sure i'll take it. easier to give me shifts than to give me time off.

- pokemon... this obsession is making me mad XD though now i am learning to be more selective with items i choose to buy. i recently got a grail of mine, so now that that is off the list i can really take it easy... until december when the new eevee promotion starts XD; I WANT ME SOME DAMN ESPEON D8♥

- i'm trying to become slightly more active on facebook. in all honesty i really dislike social networking sites... but then the virus gets me >__o

- been reading Fablehaven. it is utter love♥ though ottershark keeps making me SO DAMN NERVOUS ABOUT IT. i'm on book 4 & book 5 comes in march and though i haven't finished it yet i'm SCREAMING FOR THE NEXT ONE!!! DX lol. it's nice to be part of a small fandom for once... but i want fanart and stuff XD;... i think i'll want an icon soon :]

so yeah... running off to read it :P


November 7th, 2009

>:| ~

201Özil &lt;3 :D
so i've been planning for awhile to go visit devin in louisiana for thanksgiving. that way i could for ONCE spend a holiday with him & FINALLY we can spend our anniversary together.

but my mom said no.

which really, REALLY irks me because this is when i start contemplating if i should just buy my ticket anyway and just make her deal.

but then at the same time i know it's just her and i here so i would SORT of be leaving her alone. :S i say sort of because she has JJ, but... i don't know. i don't see how it's so different from me spending thanksgiving with my dad, which is what i actually USUALLY do. thanksgiving with dad, christmas with mom. and i'm not asking to be away for christmas, dammit. i know that would kill her :[

i guess i just really miss the flare that the holidays used to have. i fear that i won't feel that again until i have kids of my own because it seems that i'll never get to have a family holiday because my mom can't leave and she wouldn't want me to leave. that and i won't be able to lure anyone out here for visits until there's some little emis running about.


well, if she's really adamant about no thanksgiving there for me then i'll probably just go there for our anniversary. that's actually more important, it's just hurtful that my mom would be like this. he's already visited 3 times this year and i've gone 1 time.

and if i stay long enough i can see The Princess and the Frog with him :3 ♥

gotta be positive!

ja ~
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